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Welcome, thanks for visiting my family history web site. This site not only provides thousands of names that make up the branches of my family tree, but I am also providing information and links that I have found along the way. I am hoping that perhaps these resources will also assist you as you search for your own heritage.

While I have deep roots in Norway and Belgium, for now, I am most interested in tracing my Crevier name, which takes me to France (through Canada). I am especially interested in this name, not only for the obvious reason that my Father is a Crevier, but also because my Mother has many roots in the Crevier family. There are many factions of Creviers in America today, and I have successfully traced several of these back to their roots through Quebec and into France in the 1400s.

To begin browsing my family tree, select a surname from the list over there on the left, or click on the "Individual List" button over there on the right. Be sure to also read about these notable Creviers.

Also, if you happen to be a member of the Creviere family tree (with the 'e' on the end), I'm tracking you too. I don't yet know how/if we're related, but I suspect that we are cousins somehow. So please help me fill in the blanks of this lineage. Many thanks to Mary Creviere Turner for getting me started on this line.

Are you a Crevier? If so, perhaps your ancestors are just a few clicks away. I have documented Creviers here on my web site, and I have much more information that has not made it to the web yet, so it's entirely possible that we are related. If you think you may be a relative of mine, or you've got some information that would help me, I'd love to hear from you! And be sure to check out the Crevier Genealogy Mailing List.

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The text of several books are available here online in PDF format. These writings tell a lot about the ancestors who came before me.

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